Outdoor Cat Enclosures: A History

Kittywalk’s Lise King invented the modern Outdoor Cat Enclosure with Kittywalk’s Lawn Version which debuted in 2001.  Up until that date if you wanted your cat to go outdoors you basically had one choice – a metal cage.

Kittywalk revolutionized the Outdoor Cat Enclosure by making the Lawn Version out of rugged, ripstop commercial fishnet which is virtually impossible for a cat to chew out of.

After the Lawn Version, Kittywalk introduced the concept of connectability to the world of Outdoor Cat Enclosures. Thus it was soon possible to connect a myriad of Kittywalk products together.  In fact, the following products all do connect with each other:

Lawn Version Picture

Lawn version

Deck and Patio Picture

Deck & Patio

Kittywalk Penthouse Picture


Town and Country Picture

Town and Country

Gazebo Picture


Teepee Picture


Kittywalk Grand Prix Picture

Grand Prix

2 Curves Picture

2 Curve

4 Curves Picture

4 Curve

T-Connect Picture





See our full set of configuration examples here!

Once your cat gets used to using Kittywalk’s Outdoor Cat Enclosures, whether it’s just one unit or many connected units, he or she will always be waiting at the door to go out and use it again!